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New Orleans Quiz
Do you know what it means —
To miss New Orleeens?
     I certainly do know what it means.  But, for some good reason, of which I am not certain, --- Really, I just don’t miss it ---  Not as it  IS — but I do miss it --- as it WAS!  I maintain a great "Nostalgia" for my New Orleans!
     Just a quick bit about me — and then, our Site Viewers would probably like to know about you.
     I was born in Buck Town, USA.  That little fishing village on the once shell road along the 17th Street Canal from the bridge-crossing at Bruning’s and the Big House to the Old Hammond Hwy. . . .  At that time, Buck Town was just a couple of blocks square.
     Well, that’s for starters. Is there any wonder that Pass Christian celebrates Jazz In The Pass and the St. Paddy’s Day Parade in New Orleans style?  Is there any wonder that Eureka Springs, Arkansas celebrates Mardi Gras and the St. Paddy’s Day Parade in New Orleans style?
     Historically, New Orleans gained the Southern Yacht Club after having its origins in Pass Christian.
     So there has been a lot of sharing throughout the years.  In fact, at one time, just after the Civil War and Reconstruction Period, there was a social club called the Louisiana Mississippi Society.
     Without further muddle to this site, I dedicate Orleans-Pass Christian, or, for the webniks:  http://orleans.passchristian.net

     And Now that I am in the OZARKS, I continue my fondness for Old New Orleans!  And for the Orleanians who trip on this site, be sure to visit my Fat City Site -- http://neworleans.danellis.net/fat_city_usa.htm

     As in all of my books, I invite the Reader to send corrections and updates.  Likewise, in this website, all Viewers are invited to send corrections, comments, and their own anecdotal references to further titillate our audience.  Remember, you are part of history --- But only if it is recorded.  Most people leave this earth with only an Obit.  This is your opportunity to express yourself about New Orleans and be staged before the whole wide world!  Send in your vignettes and photos.  Help make this site interesting!

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