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  West End
When I was a kid, we use to play at the fountain in West End Park.  In my opinion, there was never a replacement for the wonderful dancing colorfully and spiking torches of water that reached so high into the sky.  It use to operate on Wednesdays, and Friday through Sundays.  It was a beautiful gift for kids to enjoy hour after hour while having the falling spray create a mistiful wonderland.  We were too poor to take pictures, if you have one in color, please be sure to send them in.  All pictures will be returned after scanning.

The above view shows West End Park at the top right.  
The New Basin Canal is on the left as it goes to downtown New Orleans.  
When a kid, we use to jump the barges that carried watermelons being tugged up the canal.  
This view is from the Southern Yacht Club.

Below, are three photos of the 17th Street Canal in Buck Town.
 At left an older picture before the widening and paving of the old Shell Road as shown with the old homesteads removed at right.  

The photo at bottom shows the "Big House" at the mouth of the Canal as taken from the new foot bridge crossing.  
The pilings at right is where Bruning's was situated before Hurricane Georges demolished it after its 100-plus year history.

Buck Town, Jefferson Parish had developed on Lake Pontchartrain in the 1880s as a result of the digging and dredging of the 17th Street Canal
which passed through the Carrollton Section with a Shell Road having been laid to provide access to West End.  
The New Basin Canal bridge is shown below at Left with hotels nesting on the perimeter.

Bridge crossing New Basin Canal to West End Park showing hotels and Pavilions

1901 Photo of West End Amusement Park as built in 1882 at the 17th Street Canal

New Basin Canal as viewed from area where SYC was being built at forefront

New Basin Canal showing SYC and Marina in 1948

West End Desolation after Hurricane Katrina
All business establishments reduced to pilings and now abandoned by State order

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