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1. Who was 'Satchmo'?
A) Louie Prima
B) Al Hirt
C) Louie Armstrong
D) Professor Longhair

2. Which two breweries used to be in the French Quarter?
A) Regal and Jax
B) Dixie and Falstaff
C) Falstaff and Regal
D) Jax and Dixie

3. What road was built over the old New Basin Canal?
A) Canal Boulevard
B) Robert E. Lee
C) Basin Street
D) Pontchartrain Expressway

4. What was the 'Zephyr'?
A) A roller coaster
B) The New Year's baby
C) A Bourbon Street Bar
D) A cocktail

5. Who was the Spirit of Christmas in New Orleans besides Santa Claus?
A) St. Nick
B) Papa Noel
C) Mr. Bingle
D) King Creole

6. Where is Marie Laveau buried?
A) Metairie Cemetery
B) St. Louis #1
C) St. Louis #2
D) Carrollton Cemetery

7. What was at 1825 Tulane?
A) a brewery
B) a furniture store
C) a car dealership
D) a restaurant

8. Who hosted the 'Saturday Hop'?
A) Henry Dupre
B) Pie Dufour
C) John Pela
D) Sid Noel

9. What's the highest point of land in New Orleans (besides the levees)?
A) Esplanade Ridge
B) Monkey Hill
C) French Quarter
D) Metairie Ridge

10. What building is on the uptown side of St. Louis Cathedral?
A) Presbytere
B) Cabildo
C) Upper Pontalba
D) Le Petit Theater

11. Where did the 'Pelicans' play baseball?
A) Tulane and Broad
B) Airline Hwy and David Drive
C) Carrollton and Tulane
D) City Park

12. Where was the Sugar Bowl game played before the Superdome was built?
A) Tad Gormley Stadium
B) Pan American Stadium
C) Tiger Stadium
D) Tulane Stadium

13. Who always walked around the French Quarter with her pet duck?
A) Ruthie
B) Zelda
C) Cat Woman
D) Blaze Star

14. If you were at the City's old bomb shelter, where would you be?
A) The CBD
B) N.O. East
C) Algiers
D) West End

15. Which of these was the City's historic shipping channel from Lake Pontchartrain to downtown?
A) 17th St. Canal
B) Harvey Canal
C) Bayou St. John
D) Industrial Canal

16. What does the term 'Vieux Carre' mean?
A) Old Square
B) Pleasant View
C) River View
D) Old Quarter

17. What is the oldest building still standing in New Orleans?
A) St. Louis Cathedral
B) Old Ursuline Convent
C) The Cabildo
D) Lafitte's Bar

18. Which community's French name literally means 'small farm?'
A) Metairie
B) Faubourg Marigny
C) Gentilly
D) Treme

19. What New Orleans neighborhood was carved out of the old Livaudais Plantation?
A) Treme
B) Holly Grove
C) The Garden District
D) Gentilly

20. What was the "Blue Book"?
A) New Orleans' Social Register
B) A directory of Storyville Brothels
C) A directory of private schools
D) A list of Civil Codes

21. Who is the oldest Neville Brother?
A) Art
B) Aaron
C) Charles
D) Cyril

22. What New Orleans musician's real name is Mac Rebennack?
A) Dr. John
B) Professor Longhair
C) Deacon John
D) Fats Domino

23. What is an alligator pear?
A) Coconut
B) Avocado
C) Mirliton
D) Pineapple

24. For Years New Orleanians shopped at K&B Drugstores. What did the K&B stand for?
A) Katz and Besthoff
B) Kole and Blaine
C) Keller and Bohn
D) Klein and Burgdoff

25. Sidney Noel Rideau played what character on New Orleans TV?
A) The Special Man
B) Uncle Henry
C) The Great McNutt
D) Morgus The Magnificent

26. What Lakefront park offered beauty pageants, high wire acts and amusement rides?
A) West End
B) Pontchartrain Beach
C) Old Beach
D) Spanish Fort

27. What does New Orleans musician Clarence Henry prefer to be called?
A) The Emperor
B) Frogman
C) Moss Man
D) Fats Domino

28. What all-night radio show on WWL attracted truckers and insommiacs for decades?
A) Dawnbusters
B) The Wheelers
C) Hap's Open Road Show
D) Charlie Douglas & the Road Gang

29. Miss Linda and her 'Magic Mirror' appeared on which show?
A) Miss Moffett
B) Romper Room
C) Popeye and Pals
D) Morgus the Magnificent

30. 'Smokey Mary' was an old excursion train that used to run to what amusement park?
A) Spanish Fort
B) West End
C) Pontchartrain Beach
D) Milneburg


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